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With two working parents and three young children, I don’t know what the Keeton family would do without the wonderful support and flexibility of Lambertville Academy!

Lambertville Academy, established in 1984, offers Full and Partial-Day Preschool programs, School-Age programs, and Summer Care Sessions.

We provide curriculum-based learning through a dedicated, caring and qualified teaching staff, with sensitivity to each child’s learning style and an enriched study environment.

Lambertville Academy activities are designed to develop critical-thinking and problem solving skills while promoting social skills including accepting responsibility for decisions and actions, and respecting others.

Every academic unit combines science, mathematics, language arts, creative arts, social studies, health and physical education.

Lambertville Academy is air conditioned and elevator equipped and may accommodate children with disabilities on a case-by-case basis.

Our Mission

What sets Lambertville Academy apart from other Early Childhood Learning Centers is our commitment to nurture/develop the whole child.


Our approach to education lies in our sensitivity to the differences in learning styles and living environments of each student, through teaching them to process information using their strongest abilities.


Contributes to our students’ social and emotional development, which in turn contributes to a strong community member


Children learn best when given opportunities to discover, solve problems, explore and be challenged through direct experiences. They learn best when provided with diverse choices leading to independence, self-confidence, self-control and responsibility.


Children learn through a rich environment that considers each child’s individual needs, interests and unique learning styles.

Weekly enrichment opportunities contribute to all/foster all
our program (philosophy) goals.
Children learn best when given opportunities to discover, solve problems, explore and be challenged through direct experiences.

Licensed teachers develop an ever evolving repertoire of process focused art activities for children to experience. Techniques, tools and materials are used to facilitate learning through art. It’s not always “what” we make, but “how” we make it!

Process or Creative Art Exploration
Creative Movement

Our collaboration with Roxey Ballet studio rounds out our comprehensive enrichment schedule. Using weekly themes as inspiration, children learn to “listen” to music and respond to it using their bodies. Children explore concepts of movement and expressive dance while contributing to the creativity of dance. Creative movement and music instruction fosters creativity and memory while boosting cognitive development.

Children explore cultures through interactive language learning. Hands on activities help enforce vocabulary and real world concepts while learning about our community and its members. Our language instruction blends seamlessly throughout the rest of the day in all of our subject areas and is an integral component to the New Jersey Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards.


JumpBunch offers more than 70 different age appropriate activities, for unparalleled variety and flexibility, to keep children moving. They combine traditional sports activities, skills conditioning, and active games led by trained professionals. The children learn basic team building and negotiating concepts and benefit from gross motor physical education while learning to direct their energy in safe and fun ways.

The Birdhouse Center for the Arts is community collaboration that we have partnered with to bring both educational and therapeutic music programming to our enrichment repertoire. The Birdhouse also expands family involvement by hosting classes and concerts for children and families. Children learn to participate in music concepts such as rhythm, beat and tempo while exploring a variety of musical instruments. Music instruction fosters creativity and memory while boosting cognitive development.

The Birdhouse Center for the Arts
Lambertville Academy offers a variety of enrollment options to provide your child with a unique early education experience while accommodating your family’s scheduling needs.