Children Learn Best When Given Opportunities To Discover, Solve Problems, Explore And Be Challenged

Process or Creative Art Exploration

Licensed teachers develop an ever evolving repertoire of process focused art activities for children to experience. Techniques, tools and materials are used to facilitate learning through art. It’s not always “what” we make, but “how” we make it!

Creative Movement

Our collaboration with Roxey Ballet studio rounds out our comprehensive enrichment schedule. Using weekly themes as inspiration, children learn to “listen” to music and respond to it using their bodies. Children explore concepts of movement and expressive dance while contributing to the creativity of dance. Creative movement and music instruction fosters creativity and memory while boosting cognitive development.

The Birdhouse Center for the Arts

The Birdhouse Center for the Arts is community collaboration that we have partnered with to bring both educational and therapeutic music programming to our enrichment repertoire. The Birdhouse also expands family involvement by hosting classes and concerts for children and families. Children learn to participate in music concepts such as rhythm, beat and tempo while exploring a variety of musical instruments. Music instruction fosters creativity and memory while boosting cognitive development.


The movements involved in Qigong exercises can help children to quickly improve their balance, flexibility, coordination, strength, agility, stamina and muscle tone.

The meditative aspects of Qigong can help children to reduce anxiety and worry, calm their minds, improve focus and concentration, release tension and improve mental clarity.

The feeling of family and community as well as the open communication with teachers are what stand out to me as a parent that make Lambertville Academy such a special place. But if you were to ask my kids, they would tell you they love the enrichment classes best, especially Spanish and Creative Movement!

~ The Jones Family